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The immigration organization Your Special Immigration is an international immigration consulting organization that is working without borders and restrictions with the commitment and adherence to its motto (we believe we can) with experienced and expert staff from all over the world.

The activities of this organization include providing accurate and specialized advice and taking action to obtain permanent and temporary residence in all countries accepting immigrants. Also, this organization provides the best services for obtaining study visas to students by signing contracts with more than 500 prestigious colleges and universities around the world.

Your Special Immigration is an official member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Policy and Regulatory Organization (ICCRC) and also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

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Canadian work visa

Canada's job opportunities are ranked high in the world and immigrants can come to Canada in search of all kinds of jobs and live successfully and happily. Canada plans to attract 50,000 more foreign immigrants than its previous plan. In this way, Canada's three-year plan is to attract 1.2 million immigrants. With our immigration services to Canada, you can be one of these lucky people.

Living in Canada

Canada has the most diverse nationalities in the world. Life in Canada can be considered easy for any immigrant. If you are willing to get out of the third world and meet the modern and open world, Canada is ready to welcome you. Anglo-French culture has been rooted in Canada's national identity since the beginning of modern Canada. You will need to know one of these languages for Canadian residency and visa.

Immigration services to Canada

With the Canada immigration services on our site, you can go to Canada without any preparations by finding a job. A work permit means that there are conditions for foreign nationals to come to Canada to do work for a certain period of time and return to their country after doing the work. You can get a permanent residence permit with a Canadian work visa.

Canada residence and visa

Visitor visa, student visa, business immigration visa, express entry program visa, permanent residence visa and Canadian work visa are 6 types of entry visas to this wide country.

Asylum to Canada

If you are harassed and threatened in one of the five fields of religion, nationality, politics, race, or membership in a certain social group, seeking refuge in Canada will be your option.

Immigrate to Canada through investment

Investment can be a way to obtain permanent residence in Canada. Federal investor programs, entrepreneurship and self-employment are among the ways to obtain residency. We can help you with business immigration and Canadian work visa. It is enough to contact our experts in this field.

Canadian experience program for workers

Skilled and experienced workers can obtain permanent residency through Canada's Skill Class Programs. If you are studying in Canada, these options are available to you.

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Advice and steps to get advice

Your Special Immigration team advisors are by your side for expert advice. To receive advice and communicate with our advisors, just complete the consultation form and send it to us, after reviewing the information, our advisors will contact you.

Tips for getting advice

There are three ways to get advice:
First method: get advice by filling out the form.
The second method: send an email to that includes your full details and request.
The third method: contact the numbers included in the footer and about page of the website.

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To receive immigration consulting services from Canada by Your Special Immigration team, contact us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can immigrate to Canada through over 100 ways. You just need to fill out our free assessment form, if you are willing to know which way is suitable for you.

It depends on your situation. The easiest way for you may be difficult for another person. Many Candidates give up quickly once they realize they are not eligible to apply for popular ways such as Express Entry. Although there are over 100 ways for immigrating to Canada, If one way is not suitable you may find another suitable one. The reason why this page has been designed is for you to start your journey to Canada. The first step is shortlisting the potential immigration pathways depending on your situation. See whether you have a degree or diploma. Or do you have work experience? Do you want to start a business?

There’s something for everyone.

You can live in Canada permanently with permanent resident status. Although, every five years you need to live in Canada for two years. Moreover you will have all the rights a Canadian citizen has except for voting an running for office.

 Note that some provinces require new permanent residents live there for a few months before they can obtain free healthcare coverage which means you may need private health insurance during this waiting period.

Yes, for Canadian citizens and permanent residents universal healthcare is available. New permanent residents should check their healthcare eligibility with the province or territory they land in. Visit the following yourspecialimmigration page to learn about free healthcare coverage provided by each jurisdiction in Canada. Remember that as a new permanent resident you need to use private health insurance for a few months after you land in. which means you can get fee healthcare coverage after this waiting period.

It depends on few factors such as the size of your family, the city you live in, and your lifestyle. Your special immigration offers a dedicated section to ease your settlement in Canada.

Household living expenses can use up half of your monthly spending in Canada based on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Here are the expenses:

  • home ownership or rent
  • heating and utilities such as water
  • food
  • clothing
  • transportation
  • cellphone
  • internet
  • leisure activities
  • Health insurance (some provinces require that new permanent residents live there for a few months before they are eligible for free healthcare)

It depends on the way you are immigrating. If we take express Entry system, which is the main pathway for immigration, the best age to immigrate is between 20 to 29. If you are applying with your spouse this gives you 100 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, and 110CRS provided that you are alone. That doesn’t mean you won’t get any points if you are not within the age group. For example if you are 35 you receive between 70 to 77 points.

Remember that although age is an important criterion, there are still other criteria that Canada’s federal and provincial governments provided for skilled workers such as education, a job offer, language skills, work experience and Canadian experience. Therefore don’t worry if you don’t get enough points for your age. There are other ways for you receive enough points to immigrate to Canada successfully

Yes as a skilled worker you can immigrate to Canada without a job offer. Although if you have an eligible job offer it will help In addition most successful immigrants under Express Entry do not have a job offer. You must remember that if you immigrate under express entry, having a job offer will give you extra points yet it doesn’t guarantee getting a permanent residence invitation. You can successfully immigrate to Canada without having a job offer if you are eligible for the criteria of at least one of Canada’s over 100 different skilled worker programs and get a high point for your human capital like your age, education, language skills , and work experience.

It depends on the way you are applying under. There is no point threshold to show successful immigrants if you apply under Expression of Interest systems such as Express Entry and those operated under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Quebec . In order to be eligible for an Expression of Interest program you may need to meet a threshold but when you enter the EOI pool, the government will choose candidates with the highest scores based on their policy goals. Therefore there will be different required points according to the government’s policy goals.

If you are eligible to non-EOI skilled worker programs, they have point thresholds and once you meet the threshold they will issue permanent residence to you. Yet the required points necessary for getting Canadian permanent residence (PR) are different according to the program you applied under.

Yes, you can. Although age is an important criterion there are other factors which Canada’s skilled worker and business immigration programs consider inviting candidates to Canada. Such as your education, language skills, work experience Canadian experience, an eligible job offer, and in the case of business programs, your business experience, net worth, and amount of money you want to invest in Canada.